Prayers for the Stolen - Jennifer Clement
I would love to see Prayers for the Stolen  turned into a movie. It's not typically Hollywood, but I'd love to see the landscapes and contrasts on the big screen and I love the story, especially the end.

The story revolves around several issues in Mexico that are usually backdrops to the problem of the US citizen who happens to be on Mexico for a lot of US movies that involve scenes in Mexico. Seasons 4 and 5 of Weeds is a good example. The season includes finding out about trafficked women from Mexico and the main characters desire to stop it, but it isn't about those women, nor were the episodes where Silas tries to keep a woman they found crossing the border about her. This is a story about those women and what came before and several possible fates for them.

The main character is Ladydi, who hears of the fates of other girls before running into her problems. I'm not going to spoil what hers ends up being, but again, there are several possibilities and none are good. She is an exceptionally well written character, with internal conflicts that she navigates in complicated ways because you can't always help how you feel and life is messy. That's actually one of the things I really loved about the whole book. All the women had complicated feelings about each other and their daughters futures because they only had each other and they were more than willing to work together to protect the next generation.

The progression of the plot was interesting throughout the book. It hits the best strides when it's breaking my heart and little things come together toward the end to reveal things a reader may suspect already but I'll admit to missing. The end came together beautifully and just as complicated as everything that came before it.

Ok, I know I said movie at the beginning but with how amazing some of these television shows gave been lately (ahem Handmaid's Tale and Orange is the New Black and even Good Girl’s Revolt despite its short run), I'd be just as appreciative of a series that explores the finer details of the problem and expands to include Maria and Paul and maybe Ruth as main characters too. It's just such a layered story that needs to be told with problems for women that need more attention.