Thor Volume 2: Who Holds the Hammer? (Thor: Marvel Now!) - Russell Dauterman, Jason Aaron

This volume had some great moments! This has been an interesting ride so far and I'm intrigued to see where this series goes.

Allow me to get the negative out of the way first. I did not particularly enjoy (and maybe didn't finish.....) the extra stuff in this voume. The annual was cute but unnecessary and the What If? was just meh. I was enjoying the series and then was abruptly interrupted with some random other stuff and I didn't really appreciate it.

Okay, getting to the good stuff.

There are few things that make my little feminist heart flutter more than badass women working together and having good male allies. The mystery is still on for most of the issue to find out who this new Thor is and why the hell some woman has Mjolnir. I love the progression as the man now known as Prince Odinson (former Thor) tries to figure it out, but the story isn't about him.

Thor is around and being generally awesome when she gets attacked by the Destroyer and that's when things really start to go in a fabulous and wonderful way, at least in my humble opinion. As the title suggests, the reader does finally find out who holds the Hammer.

Then there are lots of opinions about this choice of Mjolnir-wielder, not the least because she is a she but there are other reasons I've seen that people give to not like the decision. It's an interesting decision, to have a person such as she is be the one to wield the hammer, but after reading through more of some other titles, I feel pretty confident that they know what they're doing and have a longer plan. Especially given some of the Asgardian family drama that surrounds this volume.

While I appreciate that the Marvel Universe isn't handling a female Thor any better than the real world, I'm also glad to see the shift that happens here toward acceptance with some characters. It makes for a great moment that I'd rather not spoil with details. Suffice it to say that I wouldn't call anyone "over it" but I feel like the "who" and "why" are getting to be less important to some than the "what's she going to do with Mjolnir now that she has it".  Most of the volume was just kinda-good and meriting closer to 3 stars in my system, but then women working together and the good male ally that pushed it into the fourth star. It's a pretty awesome moment.

The cuts over to Malekith and his dealings are also very interesting in what is going on in this series and with these characters, but didn't grab my attention or focus as much as the royal family drama or the search for Thor's identity.

If you're curious, though, Prince Odinson's character does continue to have his own title, it's The Unworthy Thor. I've been trying to stick to women-written and/or women-titled comics, but I do plan to make an exception.

Has anyone else read this title or volume?