Lumberjanes #25 - Leyh Kat, Shannon Watters, Laura Lewis, Chynna Clugston Flores, Brooke Allen Lumberjanes #26 - Ayme Sotuyo, Leyh Kat, Shannon Watters Lumberjanes #27 - Ayme Sotuyo, Leyh Kat, Shannon Watters Lumberjanes #28 - Myra Hild, Leyh Kat, Shannon Waters

These issues bring the next storyline of Lumberjanes to us after their run in with the awesome mermaids. This time the girls must contend with a giant bird beast that has kidnapped the High Council. As always, they are amazing.

Things I Loved:

  • Did you ever wonder what happened to all the kittens that Ripley gave every person when she was a deity for five seconds back in #4? Well, be prepared to find out.
  • The girls' problem solving skills, with every member of the team on it in some way.
  • Meeting some other members of the camp
  • The empathy of the girls
  • The adorable backup story in #25

I'd make a list of things I didn't like, but there weren't any. There rarely are. I especially loved the way they pseudo-defined what makes a "hard-core lady-type".

As usual, these issues have some wonderful ladies:

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