Princeless Book One: Save Yourself - Jung-Ha Kim, Jeremy Whitley, M. Goodwin, Dave Dwonch

I did not expect to like this one nearly as much as I did. I figured it was a cute concept with a WOC as a main character and as royalty, which was an especially nice touch, but I did not anticipate the awesomeness. There's just too much to love here.

It got me right at the beginning when she was yelling at her parents about ever putting her in a tower with a dragon. Then the story started to play out and I just...


It looks all I-just-want-to-kill-the-helpless-princess-trope at the beginning and then the feminism with all kinds of intersections just gets on everything. I mean, she even calls out her prince for calling her fair when she's a black princess. Then it goes on to call out all sorts of feminist things like this: 


then there's catcalling and so much other fun stuff and it's just volume 1! I read the first chapter to my son and he really enjoyed it, asking for the second and then the third. We had to stop there because it was bedtime but you get the picture. It's not just fun for girls. I now have plans to binge through the rest just as soon as I finish the book I just got from the library. Okay, I'm just kidding. The boy liked it enough that we may binge through together for a while.