First Kisses and Other Misfortunes - Kimberly Karalius

A cute story with some very adorable characters. It's a fun little read, but not a game-changer. When I started, I hadn't realized that this was one of those novellas that takes place between books. You'll see in the back cover info that another book by the author is mentioned, I just didn't realize the tie in at first. The author does a great job of covering what's happened that's relevant to this story, so I didn't feel like it would be absolutely necessary to go back

To be honest, I don't think I want to go back and read the first story. I'm not big on crazy girlfriend stories, which is what it sounded like, though I can appreciate some elements to a romance, I have a hard time with books where the romance is the center of the book, just not a personal preference. But this one was adorable.

Okay, the romance is also at the center of this story, but it's a novella, so it's not drawn out and it's not about the lovers being separated or finding each other for the first time. They're already dating at the outset of the book but they haven't kissed yet. It's also not a book about a straight couple. It's my first book with a gay couple and they could not be more adorable. And normal. I really enjoyed that they were normal people and their relationship was treated as such. I don't know how other writers write gay or lesbian couples, but I have a feeling they have all the same issues as straight couples with prejudice and discrimination added on, but they are wholly accepted in their community so this story isn't about dealing with that.

This is one of those stories where I could hang out and read about Nico and Martin and  their friends doing whatever for more pages than this. But I could not have stood for the plot to be drawn out, which it isn't. It's concise and well paced and the tension between them was perfect which means that the story has a great blend of everything it needs to be entertaining. The magical realism really adds a little something special to the presentation of the events in the story too.

As I said before, it's not a game changer, which is the reason for the 3 star rating instead of higher. It's a great book, but not meant to revolutionize the way people write about or think of anything or any group mentioned.

and read the first story.