Plume, Vol. 1 - K. Lynn Smith, Josh Blaylock, K Lynn Smith

This was surprisingly fun. I expected some fun, but it took a different turn than I expected in the fun department and I am totally hooked.


I'm not normally one for Westerns. I don't feel like the genre is exactly known for treating it's female characters with any kind of respect or depth of character. Some days I feel like things are changing in this aspect all over media, but some days not so much. Getting back to the story at hand, though....

Plume is a lot of fun. Vesper Grey is a fun character that has a some complexities so far and I'm interested in seeing where this is going. She's not perfect. She's neither the perfect lady of the times nor a modern woman parading around the  wrong times. She's somewhere in the middle. Corrick was the real fun at first. He's just so perfect for his situation. And then there's Tegan who is a little too mysterious to fit the trope she would normally be in. It's not that she doesn't have elements that could go that way, but it's the mystery. It feels like she has her own agenda that she just isn't sharing with the group yet and I love that.

I look forward to reading the rest of the series. Right now, they're only on Volume 3 so it shouldn't take much to catch up...if I didn't have a pile of other comics to read first, but it'll happen. I have totally binged Lumberjanes recently and did the same with Monstress a while back but I have a few others to test out before solidifying my comic binge agenda. Still, this is definitely going to be on it. I have to find out what Tegan is really up to.