Invaded - Melissa Landers

This is the second book of the Alienated Series, for the review of the first book, click here.


As before, I liked it but not so much that there was a book hangover or real nail biting. The character development was good, the plot was good, the twists and turns were good, the writing was good, I like the dual first person POV. I don't have any complaints, I just wasn't over the moon for it. It's also among the YA that was really written for  teens to read it, in my opinion. And that's not because it's angsty or any other derogatory way that people sometimes allude to this. It's just really about the development of these teens and their real and complex emotions about this stage of life and the way it leads into the next one. While they are trying to change the world, the boundaries with which normal teens operate are stretched but not in the way that they are in books like The Hunger Games or Cinder. I don't want to spoil anything with exactly the difference there, but I hope you all get what I mean anyway.

It makes for an interesting story and a good read when I'm in the mood for something a little intriguing but that won't monopolize my mind until I'm done with it. I was left with about the same feeling as the first one, kind of like a show that I'll watch on Netflix if I have a free afternoon but don't feel the need to binge on once I'm in it. I'll definitely pick up the third one when I get the opportunity.