Lumberjanes #21 - Leyh Kat, Carolyn Nowak, Shannon Watters Lumberjanes #22 - Shannon Waters, Carey Pietsch, Kate Leth Lumberjanes #23 - Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, Leyh Kat, Shannon Waters Lumberjanes #24 - Leyh Kat, Carey Pietsch, Shannon Watters

Lumberjanes #21 - Leyh Kat,Carolyn Nowak,Shannon Watters  Lumberjanes #22 - Shannon Waters,Carey Pietsch,Kate Leth  Lumberjanes #23 - Rosemary Valero-O'Connell,Leyh Kat,Shannon Waters  Lumberjanes #24 - Leyh Kat,Carey Pietsch,Shannon Watters  

While its not a surprise to see magical creatures at this camp for hardcore lady-types, it's always fun to see which kind are going to stumble in. I loved meeting Seafarin' Karen and her attitude toward teamwork. It was great to see April trying so hard to recover from her faux-pas in the last set of issues. But seriously, who is supposed to keep a clear head when mermaids are around, especially those BA mermaids?

Anyway, this is another well done storyline that emphasizes everything that's important to the Lumberjanes and lets the girls of Roanoke cabin do awesome things together. I appreciate that the scenario is never perfect for all the girls and that most of them make some sort of error but at least one error proves fruitful. That's life. Without the magical creatures.

The Amazing Women exclaimed in these issues are:

Finally caught up! Well, as far as the collections will go. I have #25 to read, but it will have to stand alone..... and then I'll be forced to wait.