Monstress #7 - Marjorie Liu, Sana Takeda

This issue is set in Thyria, which is a beautiful city with it's own rich history and set of characters. It was great to see some more people from Maika's past. Seizi particularly interested me and not just because he's  a tiger. I love the whole Arcanic thing, it gives the world this whole other edge. Seizi is one of those characters that are great because they aren't just one thing. I get that his kind of not-one-thing seems a little tropish for now, it's very pirate with a heart of gold, but if there's anything I've learned about this series, it's to not trust that the trope will be all there is to any character. I also loved to see Ren a little less sure of himself. Necromancers have always been creepy in other books and he's almost normalized in this series, other than being a cat. Then there was the Warlord of the Dawn Court. What a title.

Altogether, another great issue from this team of creators. As always, the art and world-building in this series is just unparalleled. They're doing something new and interesting with the evil matriarchal society and the little hints about the mysterious weapon that no one can figure out. I love the mystery aspect of it. Okay, I love everything about everything.