Innovating Women:  The Changing Face of Technology - Vivek Wadhwa, Farai Chideya

A collection of essays on everything that comes with being a woman in tech and entrepreneurship, Innovating Women paints a progressing and bright future for women, the tech industry and entrepreneurs. The essays cover all sorts of topics within this realm such as sexual harassment, internal biases, advice for women coming into the industry and advice for companies looking to diversify. The essays come from a diverse sampling of women from all kinds of backgrounds and from multiple countries. This was a great book that had a lot of insight, I was surprised by the array of topics covered and advice shared from these diverse women. While it does spend time talking directly to companies, it focuses on women and the things we do and the ways we break into industries and stay or don't stay. It talks about what we're doing right now and how we can improve things for ourselves, each other and the companies we work for and that we don't have to stay at companies that don't appreciate us.

This isn't a book that I would just recommend, it makes me want to create a list of books to give to women graduating and entering the workforce. It would be a great read for any woman at multiple stages of her career and could be interpreted for other marginalized groups that don't intersect with those already represented here.