Gotham Academy Vol. 1 - Brendan Fletcher, Karl Kerschel, Becky Cloonan

I was pleased to find that this series is not about a young version of all our favorite Gotham city heroes and villains. Those stories are fun but it's even better to branch out now that we have so many of them. This story is about Olive and Maps and the crew they assemble.

Loves: nothing is what it seems, Olive's perspectives allows some old characters to be enriched, Olive and her crew, the way they come together, that no one tries to usurp her leadership over the situation, everything that is Maps but especially the nerd girl side, the way they all look a little different, that being hung up on a love interest neither interferes with nor drives the story forward.

Okay, everything. I loved everything about it. Everything that makes me love Lumberjanes, makes me love this. I suppose that's why they did a crossover series! It is now on my TBR.