Lumberjanes #11 - Carolyn Nowak,  Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters

Talk about a date gone wrong. Mal and Molly have landed themselves in a bit of trouble, but I'm sure they'll eventually pull through. In the mean time, they're going to be an adorable couple, beginning with Mal's breakdown in the opening of this issue. I loved it. It was so appropriate. She's the tough girl at home but doesn't feel brave in the midst of other brave girls while Molly only feels brave at camp. 

What they don't know yet is that it can be great for the two people in a couple to be confident and brave in different situations. It makes everything doable by the couple because the one will drag along the other or show them how to do it. And they are a really cute couple. 


And I love that the girls back home are trying to get a "mundane" badge.... and that they don't appear to be doing so well. 


Another great issue from this series.