Lumberjanes #10 - Shannon Watters,  Noelle Stevenson, Carolyn Nowak

This issue takes place during an "off" day and I love the speech that Rosie gives, particlarly this part: 

I encourage you all to take this as an opportunity to challenge yourself, get out of the camp! Do something that you're scared of! 


These girls have no problems doing that at all! Their real opponent appears to be boredom. So most of the crew is left to fend it off while Molly and Mal go on a date. I have trouble finding the appropriate words to say why and how much I love that they did that, so let me just say that it's one more way that this comic is doing a better job with diversity. Their date is cute and awkward until the plot begins. 

Okay, it's still awkward after, but it's just so appropriate for that age and the girls are adorable. 


They also threw out another name of a woman in history, Mary Anning, see her wikipedia page -


The plot thickens and we're on to the next issue!