Shuttered Life - Jennifer Marquart, Florentine Roth

The book drew me in fairly quickly. I mean, right in the prologue. I found the writing style compelling. It was all the little things, like the way the backstory between the rest of the family and the protagonist unraveled, the way she dealt with her suspicions, and way the author delivered snippets of point of view from the antagonist, and the way that the author kept enough ambiguity in the antagonist's disdain for the protagonist that I wasn't entirely sure who it was until the reveal. I'd had suspicions, but the author did a really good job of making everyone suspicious until close to the end. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it did not blow my mind or provide some new wisdom about life, so that's why it only got 3 stars. It's a good, short book that I'd easily recommended to anyone.