Alienated - Melissa Landers, Madeleine Lambert

I enjoyed listening to this book, but I didn't fall in love with it. 


All the characters are well written and the dual point of view was great, but it was definitely a YA story. There are some YAs that have appeal for all ages, but some are really meant to be read and enjoyed most by actual young adults. I feel like this is one of those. Still, it definitely entertained me. It was well put together and the world building was good. 


I enjoyed the two protagonists and appreciated their points of view. I particularly enjoyed their individual character progressions. The way the two species had met, come together, made the student exchange a program all made for an interesting premise to begin the book on. I really enjoyed those aspects. The main and secondary characters were just a bit angsty for my taste. Don't get me wrong, they were appropriately angsty for their situations, but that doesn't make it appealing, just believable. 


I'll probably read the rest of the series when it becomes available from my library. It'll be interesting to read about how things progress and how they fix the things that went wrong in this first book. The narrator for this one was Madeleine Lambert. I like her as a narrator but it took me a minute to get some of the quirks of her style.


A good book overall, but not one I'll be gushing about for months.