Silk Vol. 1: Now and Then - Marvel Comics

The character of Silk made her debut in the Original Sin storyline, where she is released from self-induced isolation for the good of the world. The events of her past are recapped enough to keep up if you haven't read Original Sin, as I hadn't (and don't really plan to). She is another of Marvel's new heroes that attempt to diversify the superhero landscape. Silk is Cindy Moon, a Korean-American girl who was also bit by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, but had gone into isolation shortly after. This volume is the first (though labeled "Volume 0") in her own title series. 

Silk/Cindy Moon is a great addition to the Marvel Universe. She's adorable, she's imperfect, she's lost and searching. She's also got a great costume. It's one of my favorites of all-time. It's not incredibly different from the aesthetic that Spider-Man wears while having a totally different and gorgeous design, though not overly-feminine either. It plays in that beautiful medium between placating to women and girls and being made for the male gaze. In fact, what makes the whole thing great and perfect for girls to be picking up is that she's a superhero like any of the others. She's treated the same was as the boys and not sidelined, or needing to be saved all the time. 

Okay, she needs to be saved some, but it's treated like a newbie thing and not a girl thing, which I think is just as important. Even superheroes don't get heroing right on the first try. Everything takes effort, everything takes work. 

I know there are some out there that feel like the diverse heroes are just being thrown in out of nowhere and are pointless, but I personally love Silk! Check her out. 


(Also, if you're diversifying your heroes and haven't checked out Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel, you're missing out!)