The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body - Cameron Diaz

This may not be my favorite book ever written, but I totally appreciated it. I had listened to the audiobook version from my library, but I'm still going to pick up my own hardcover copy as a reference. 

Most of the information is stuff that many of us may have picked up by now, but Diaz doesn't take that for granted, which was great. You never know which pieces and parts are the ones that people already know and which aren't. That said, I found it great to have everything compiled into one volume that was easy to get through and not laden with technical terms or jargon. 

As someone who found a culture of fitness in the latter half of those years I have lived so far, I also appreciated that the book denounced the (fad) diet, makes the distinction between "goal weight" and having a healthy body, and basically breaks down how your eating habits can improve upon pretty much everything in your life. Not that you're killing yourself with every bite or any of the crazy stuff, but that you can help your health now and later in life without certain foods or with others.

There's an extensive "practical application" section that provides advice and encouragement that anybody could use and there's no "this is the way to do it that will definitely work for everybody". It's all about how to listen to your body and it's needs and ignoring what society says you should look like. If you hadn't guessed, I'm all for just about everything in the book. 

The narrator was great too. I had originally thought that Cameron Diaz would narrate but she passes it off after the intro and comes back in at the conclusion. The narrator, Sandy Rustin, captures Diaz's speaking style and I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't her. It was freaky. Maybe I'm just crazy. Crazy is possible with this. 

Anyway, it's a great book, particularly as a reference for your own health and options as you navigate new, healthier habits, if you need them as I do. I get better and worse and the encouragement was just what I needed in this newest phase of improving my own health.