Her Place at the Table: A Woman's Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success - Deborah M. Kolb, Carol Frohlinger, Judith Williams

There are many assumptions about why women have a hard time attaining and keeping leadership positions in business. Many assume that it is because women don't ask, lack talent, aren't interested or there just aren't enough of us in the pipeline. While those issues contribute to the problem in
their own ways, what happens to us when we do get into these positions? Why are people still wondering whether or not women are capable of leading?

This book highlights women that are out there and in leadership positions. It highlights some of the issues that many women have when they get into leadership and what they did to negotiate success for themselves. There's a lot more to negotiating a new position, particularly in leadership, then salary and a start date.

The reader is walked through five challenges that women face. Each chapter contains the challenge, common traps, and the strategic moves suggested to overcome them. There are multiple examples of women who fell into the traps and others who used the strategic moves to improve their standing, their departments and their overall organizations when dealing with these challenges. While leadership is a constant work in progress, this book specifically addresses those moving into positions that are new for them, whether that department is failing or successful before they get there.

I appreciated the range of situations that it addressed, from government to corporate jobs, as well as the detail given to each possible set back. The Road Map at the end was helpful in pulling all the information together for one clear picture of the problems at hand.

Expect to see this on my books after Graduation list. It may be directed at those moving into leadership positions, but anyone could benefit from reading it ahead of time and becoming proficient at these techniques for moving into any position where they hope to make a difference.