My Husband's a Woman Now: A Shared Journey of Transition and Love - Leslie Hilburn Fabian

I really enjoyed this book for a variety of reasons.

The author is up front about her feelings, admitting to plenty of negative ones and she goes into how she dealt with each of them. They appear to have ha an amazing marriage built on actual companionship and love. The concept that "this is not against you, it's for me" is something we all can use and I'm definitely sharing it with my spouse later. Fabian admits to having certain advantages to dealing with her husband's transition, which is appreciated. There's no pretense that this is doable for all people and she has her own doubts throughout the transition process.

I've read in other books about how little support those who are transitioning generally receive and this author appears to know that and to have known that before it began. She and her spouse appear to have been conscious and proactive when it came to each other and to other relationships throughout the transition process. I thought it was interesting that they were willing to educate so many people. I've heard in other material that is not always the case. Not everyone is open minded and I appreciated the inclusion of those who were not accepting along with the variety of ways that others were. Not everyone can adjust in the same way and I thought the variety of reactions was interesting. I loved the lessons learned at the end too, many could be applied to any relationship.

Fabian may not have intended to be with a transgendered spouse, but her commitment to the person she loves doesn't appear to be bound by gender. It's quite the love story.