Womanthology: Space - Alison E. Ross, Jody Houser, Jennifer Deguzman, Joelle Sellner, Sandy Carpenter, Lois Vanbaarle, Kathryn Lano, Maarta Laiho, Jean Kang, Anna Bowie, Bonnie Tanja, Maja K., Ellise Heiskell, Blair Butler, Rachel Edidin, Jessica Hickman, Allison Pang, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Chr

This anthology had beautiful art and fun stories. They all played well into the theme, but they also made it painfully obvious that the theme was very broad. It was fun to jump around within the genre so fast, but I did get a little whiplash doing it. I wish each story had been at least a little longer, though I understand the format constraints. The extra pages of art at the end were amazing. 


I Will Return was my favorite. I loved the ethereal nature of it. The Vesta was also at the top of my list with it's strange brand of isolation and desperation. Of all the stories, I really wished that T-Minus Twelve Hours, All Cats are Quantum, and Waiting for Mr. Roboto were parts of whole series. 


Also, I know I did myself a disservice by not getting in this in the individual five issues. Not having read it's predecessor, Womanthology: Heroic, I didn't realize that it would have multiple focuses and took breaks in the wrong spots. Not the creators fault, but if you're reading this review to see if you want to read the anthology, just consider that there are five focus areas and break accordingly. I just jumped right in without really knowing what I was getting myself into. I know for the next Womanthology I read.