The Winter People - Jennifer McMahon

There's a reason I don't read horror anymore.... I read this one for the Read Harder Challenge.
There are two things that makes this a good horror. First, it's super creepy. Second, the problems of all the characters are super relatable. I can see how easy it would be to go down this road and find myself in the exact same spot.

I love McMahon's writing style. The imagery is great and it moves the reader through the thoughts and feelings of the POV character well while describing the setting. It's beautiful to read, or listen to which is what I did. I also loved the characters. Like I said before, they are relatable and they make mistakes and they start things they can't finish. Because of them, this is a book as much about loss as it is a horror story. Loss can make us do strange things. The loss might have been my favorite part, it was almost a character on its own, the way it manipulated the characters.

The only semi-disappointing thing was toward the end. It fit the story well, but I almost didn't want it to. There's something that happened toward the end that I wish had been described instead of alluded to, since it's a horror. I wouldn't have said that in any other book, but I almost felt like it was owed to the reader to get that scene. I don't want to spoil it though, so that's all I'll say about it. I had been feeling a little disappointed at that point and then the last chapter really brought it back around and did the whole story justice. It was well put together, and well timed. I liked the way it flipped back and forth in time and let you discover what happened to both sets of characters at the same time.
Overall, I enjoyed this book, despite being totally creeped out for the whole second half of it.

Have you read The Winter People? What did you think?